Tybraes is an unforgiving world, splintered by races at war convinced their fundamental differences far outweigh any common ground. The botanic, fey Erahs seek to remain hidden from the violent warring of the leporine Shae and the red giants, the Ganroth. When an Erahs “Blade Spirit” is found, a gifted time-bender of a lost monk order, the Nelenr, the Shae claim Khes Adaia for their own-- a weapon in their war against the Ganroth. In truth, she is a single cog in a much larger machination against the Ganroth's waking old god, Uvall, who threatens to consume them all. If the mystery of “The Motherless,” why Khes is so important, and how to kill a god is not discovered, a petty political coup will be a good day in Tybraes. They simply need more time.

Some content may be considered sensitive for some readers.


Apeshaen quaet ish·Erahthi tu'Tybraes Fhaeshi tish·Hallen,
Eerahet tu'Tybaar venhiastasi Earth.

Many blessings from ['The Heart'] of Tybraes [gifted with diplomacy] to you, children of the Land called Earth.

Throughout the cultures of Tybraes there are celebrates and holy days to mark the occasions similar to those we have in our world. Celebrations that mark the coming of Spring, the Vernal Equinox, religious holy days that coincide with this time of the year either by coincidence or, by nature of the religious doctrine and dogma. "Renewal" is a concept that holds far more meaning than that or a mere Springtime celebration. It carries great cultural and spiritual weight across the cultures and ties to historical events of Tybraes as Spring coincided with the end of a massive war and the declarations of peace between the warring factions. It is when accords were finally sealed and there was true "Renewal" to begin among the people.  The budding of new life in flowers and newborns took on a significantly symbolic meaning.

While we here on Earth celebrate our home, be it from a conservationist view, a spiritualist view or as one of the millions marching today in the name of Science for the future of humanity's survival, the world of Tybraes, too, celebrates much in the same ways.  They honor the life flourishing that feeds them, homes them. They worship the deities that some believe created, are, or reside within all living things.  Some rally in protest that it is not enough. Tybraes can still be better, they can all do better.

I wanted to do something a bit more... profound.  Life, however, does what life will do, and this is not always as we shall have it.  Therefore, rather than the grand picture I originally had planned, my silly little sketch (which I tried to clean and dress up a bit, at least, for the occasion) will have to suffice.  Bear in mind, I doodled it last night while waiting for my insomnia medication to kick in... and I was watching anime so... take that as you will. (Hah!)  Bit of inside, tongue-in-cheek joking about, but I sent our beloved little group on a picnic.  Originally planned for Pelleas to be in it too but, meds kicked in so... wah-wah-waaaah... It's fine though. Nelah had a witty-quip to make up for his absence. ◕‿↼

I do hope you have a wonderful Earth Day. Try to take a moment outside, even if it is just for you ten minute work break. Even rain can be soothing in the city if you let it. Love our planet. Let us all try to do better and fight for our home, for the future. Just because we won't be here for all of it, doesn't mean it's not important now.

❀ A Foeratha Sylf'Earthlen! 

Picnic in Mossreign
(L-R: Nelah, Paoel, Khes, Zakeriel, Atirian)
Please do not take my poor art renderings as canon...
especially my sleep-drunk attempt at Paoel. Thanks! ♡


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